This is The Journal for YOU!

We often hear about the power of mindfulness. It’s about choosing to be in the present using meditative tools to help you focus on what you are experiencing at that time. This journal is all about mindfully being cognizant of opportunities to be THANKFUL!

Among the chaos and uncertainty we face each day, there is always a need and an opportunity to intentionally be Mindful to Be Thankful . One of the best ways to destress and enhance the quality of your day is to take control of what you choose to focus on and Thankfulness is a proven course of action. Reflecting and writing about what brings you joy, what you are grateful for and thankful for, reduces depression and anxiety by up to 15%. It can even improve the quality of your sleep and cause you to be a better person in every area of your life. Journaling in general can improve your mental health.

This journal was designed to remind you to give thanks always. There’s a blessing in giving thanks to God for His love and faithfulness that is endless. I pray you will enjoy the journey of journaling your thanksgiving to God and watch how your life will increase with even more reasons to be thankful. Buy Now style 1 button

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